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Gouache on board

Original one-off artwork by Sara Captain


Signed and with Certificate of Authenticity

Framed in a golden tray frame with fixings, ready to be attached to the wall.


  • In his own words, Bowie's Berlin period and the albums produced during that time contain his artistic DNA. It's a fabled time for him and for us fans: we can imagine him wandering around the city undisturbed, discovering new music and a new, self assured self, walking around dressed down as an ordinary German, inhabiting a novel by Isherwood or a Fassbinder film. Here we see him in his mittleeuropean 'Heroes' attire, just a shilouette in teh city, prehaps waiting for Jimmy Ostenmberg (Iggy Pop) to go out and dicover the city's nighlife, drinking beer by the gallon and talking intellectual stuff with local artists and musos. Maybe. The painting is a Berlin fantasy., yes, but it also a classic artistic study of an urban nocturne, with its  bokeh light and speed effects, transporting the viewer in a late Seventies Bowie dreamworld...

  • This artwork has a perfectly lightfast but delicate surface. Therefore, it should never ever come into contact with water, humidity, rain. That is because gouache, despite the fixative on it, can be reactivated anytime and the painting would be damaged. Also, one should avoid touching the surafce as much as possbile - never rub or scratch it, or put anything dirty or greasy on it. Use a soft brush or feathers occasioanlly to get rid of any dust should collect on it, if you must. Do not place directly above a radiator or open fireplace as the board could warp if exposed to sudden differences in temperature. Finally, though this work is best shown without glass, art glass could be a good option if one wishes to ensure the work is perfecly protected for generations to come.

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