All the best laid plans...

Well, it was going to be a very busy exhibition season, with three shows happening roughly at the same time. Then Covid-19 appeared on the horizon, and with it the need to keep everyone safe. Obviously, the only option was to put everything on hold, until hopefully the situation gets better and we can all get together again.

I am not going to talk about the obvious difficulties artists face in this situation, first of all because these pale in comparison to what vulnerable people or our heroic doctors, nurses and key workers have to face, and secondly because I believe that we have a duty at least to try and turn every situation into something positive. It seems to me this can be a precious time to learn life lessons, re-evaluate everything - particularly our consumerist way of life and how little time we dedicate to those we love. We can learn to appreciate things more, be productive in a different way and at a different pace. Share resources, become wiser. Do something for others.

But what about art? How does it fit in this new, unprecedented panorama? It too has to change. Change mood, content. Adapt the way it is accessed and the way it reaches people. There are no exhibition openings with wine and lively banter, but we can connect by viewing, sharing and discussing art online. Today's works can chronicle both in literal and lateral ways this strange time. Art can also give an important message - onee of hope, a promise of eternity. It can keep us company, giving us moments of happiness both as enjoyers or makers of it.


So for me it is time to create freely and, in good time, with no pressure, share. An online exhibition, maybe? Also, I should finally get round to doing things I had promised myself to do, such as tidying up this site and reorganising the content of my talks, which I'm hoping to make available to you in the very near future. And I will get to sketching, making a mess, all the while trying to find ways to help with this emergency in some way or other - with art and in general. Watch this space!

Lastly, I want to thank my friends, loved ones and everyone who has supported my work over the years - although I was always deeply grateful, I don't think I ever fully, fully appreciated how wonderful the times we had were. Hope we can have some more happy days together soon. In the meantime, keep safe, look out for one another look after each other.

Much love,


Sara Captain