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Gouache, acrylic ink and acrylics on board

Original artwork by Sara Captain

Signed by the Artist and with Certificate of Authenticity




  • This portrait depicts David Bowie as Thomas Jerome Newton, the character he pays in the 1976 movie 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' by Nicholas Roeg, standing on the edge of Fenton Lake in new Mexico. Just as an stunning sunset is starting to form, a sudden lightening flash - a symbol that has become almost synonymous with Bowie - criss crosses the sky, setting it on fire in a rainbow of colours - colours that  remind us of the Aurora Borealis or some other awe-inspiring natural phenomenon. The lightening flash - a symbol that has almost become synonymous with Bowie - can be subject to many interpetations, the most obvious of which being that it's a metaphor for the electryfying feeling of having some kind of epiphany, enlightenmnt or artistic inpiration. Another, as the title suggests, is that in the face of the vast expanses of the universe, we experience what in easthetics is called the sublime: something we cannot organize or contain, which at once dwarfs us and elevates us, and connects us...perhaps...with the divine.

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