One-off original artwork by Sara Captain

Mixed media on canvas board


Framed in a thin black solid wood box frame

Dimensions with frame:

With Certificate of Authenticity





  • There is a heartbreaking, soulful sadness...a quiet desolation...a desperate sense of being adrift in David's eyes in this period (around 1975). Yet, the music that comes out if him is so divine - complex and beautiful, it turns the term 'cultural appropriation' on its head. Imitation and inspiration take a whole different meaning as David approaches the soul sound of Philadelphia from the perspective of a true fan, a perspective a humility - liking something so much he symbiotically wants to become IT,  wear the clothes, immerse himself in it, hit the high falsetto notes and discover his deepest bass notes, and sing them as if they came from deep within himself. This an unusual painting for me...aiming to leave more of an impression of feeling than anything else.