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One off original artwork by Sara Captain

(80x110 cm)

Goauche, ink, watercolour and soft pastels on board with hand detail coming out of the frame. Frame size 80x100cm

Framed in a black wooden tray frame with fixings - ready to hang on the wall

With Certificate of Authenticity


  • Gouache and watercolour are beautiful, pigment rich and lightfast yet delicate media. Gouache, in particular, can be reactivated any time, so please do not expose the surface to water as the paint will dissolve, even though it has been fixed. The painting is sold without glass, so take great care in not making the surface come into contact with objects that might scratch it. You can dust it down, if you ever need to, with a big soft brush or feathers. Also, avoid hanging this picture in an environment that is either humid or where the temperature changes rapidly (e.g. directly above a radiator) to avoid the wood warping etc. Expect the natural untreted wood to change colour slightly with the years, expecially when hanging in direct sunlight, and while the painting itself won't change at all, the wood itself will acquire a beautiful rich patina over time.

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