One off original artwork by Sara Captain

Gouache, acrylic ink and soft pastels on board

Date: 2020


With Certificate of Authenticity

Framed in a black tray frame with detail coming out of the frame.

With fixings, ready to hang on the wall



    Portrait of David Bowie taking an imaginary journey - this time to his beloved land of the rising sun. From the blank pages of a book (as this is ANY book) we can fill in the details, colour in the words with our imagination. In our mind' eye, we can picture  a Kyoto garden in the fall...brilliant trees reflected in limpid waters, if we want to. We can picture ourselves in a far flung place we might just choose to call 'home'. Before becoming a consummate traveller, Bowie's imagination most probably set off on many a fantastic voyage: devouring the pages of Kerouac, he dreamt of America...while Isherwood gave him a taste of Berlin. This painting conjures up the picture a reader's mind paints between the lines, making us hungry for places, adventures and experiences that will turn us into richer, more open ...better human beings.